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What we offer

  • Competitive analysis, internal & external

In order to plan effective and competitive marketing strategies, your company must be sure to gather as much knowledge as possible about its competitors. The following questions are useful for this:  Who are your competitors?  Where are they located?  What is their approach?  What are their pricing policies?  What do your customers think of your competitors?  How does your target market perceive your competitors?

  • Feasibility and opportunity research

Research into the feasibility of new branch locations, a new concept or a new production investment: terrain, traffic, environmental factors, competition, pricing policies, potential markets… all factors that heavily influence your decisions.
Within the framework of a feasibility study, many research methods are used, varying from desk research and quantitative research to in-depth interviews or group discussions. The choice of the right research methods depends on the product or service in question and the intended customer groups.

  • Customer analysis/Customer typology

Existing data is utilized to flesh out relevant, reciprocal connections.  This way, customer types are categorized and purchasing behaviour per customer category is defined.  How many existing customers does your company have, and who are the potential customers? What are the needs of your customers? This is an efficient tool for targeted DM campaigns. 

  • Distribution analysis

Distribution analysis is used to map out the external environment of your business. Mapping out the current arrangement of the dealer network, defining the relationships, investigating the reasons behind certain lacunae, … providing clarity about your network and your approach to it. Performing a distribution analysis enables your enterprise to anticipate and capitalize on the opportunities and threats associated with the distribution.

  • Image study

    An image study brings into focus the way your organization is viewed by its surroundings. How is your company / product / service perceived by various target markets? Of course, it is essential that this image corresponds to the image you aim to project.

  • Customer perception research or customer satisfaction studies

    Would you like to know how your customers perceive their relationship with your organisation? What do your customers say about you? What are your customers' expectations?  How does your business currently use this information?  How does your company score in the area of customer satisfaction? A customer is satisfied when his expectations are fulfilled. And the most important question: How loyal are your customers, and what should you do to keep your customers? This way, customer types are categorized and purchasing behaviour per customer category is defined. How many existing customers does your company have, and who are the potential customers? What are the needs of your customers? This is an efficient tool for targeted DM campaigns. 

Sector knowledge

​A good study begins with a good image of the situation

As a specialist with many years of experience in the building sector and related segments, there are very few target markets or situations which we have not yet studied. From investigating interest in a technical substitution product to determining market potential. Even when implementing a customer satisfaction study, our knowledge of the sector is indispensable. From defining the research concept and compiling a questionnaire to the processing and analysis of the results, we always incorporate our market information and our personal expertise!
And, we can always fall back on our extensive network of contacts. Many times these relationships have turned out to be powerful keys to the success of our projects.
Please feel free to contact us, at no obligation, and experience the full range of our expertise for yourself.

The complete range of methods

Chosen in function of the project

The complete range of methods

Since Essencia has a network of diverse experts with diverse areas of expertise, we are able to freely choose our methods in function of the project at hand. A flexible call centre, an expert in in-depth interviews of boards members or managers, people with the right technical knowledge needed for a B2B study, an open personality who will approach strangers on the street or in the shopping centre and ask just the right questions, all kinds of profiles for performing mystery shopping, a flexible system for online questionnaires, ...

We are happy to tell you all about our vision for the methodology we propose for your project!


​Multi-client studies

Sometimes it can be handy and efficient for several customers to set up a study simultaneously. For example, when several customers require the same information or when they want to know how the same target market perceives and assesses them. The most important benefit of a ‘joint' study is the reduced price tag, since the study costs are shared by several participants 

Do you have an interesting idea for a multi-client study? Let us know, and we will look around in the market to see if there are other interested parties.