Façade and wall cladding

Residential new construction in Belgium

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Residential New Construction.
A full picture on the external façade in the residential new construction.

More than 1000 carefully surveyed building projects provide a detailed representation of the potential of surface areas, applied materials and brands. In addition, all visual aspects, such as format, colour, type, processing and more, are recorded. The report makes the ideal benchmark for comparing your results to those of the market and your colleagues.

1. Summary
2. Surface area according to region and residence type (in m²)
3. Wall construction according to region (in m²)
4. Materials according to region (in m²)
5. Brands according to region (in m²)
6. Format (in lxwxh)
7. Facing brick/stone processing according to region (in m²)
8. Facing brick/stone colour according to region (in m²)
9. Type of facing brick/stone according to region (in m²)

Wall cladding

1. Summary
2. Surface area according to region and residence type (in m²)
3. Wall construction according to region (in m²)
4. Material (in m²)
5. Wall-mounted by material
Building professionals with knowledge of materials, market actors and building trends continuously visit building sites during the carcass phase. More than 1000 sites are visited annually, which equals a total of approximately 2400 residential units. On site, notes are taken on building structure, volumes, materials and brands. In addition, all visible aspects which are useful for project development or for marketing purposes are registered. And finally, photographs are taken of all projects. The database containing all of these details is then loaded into a competent market information system for further analysis and reporting


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