Marketing Advice

As a marketing firm for the building sector, Essencia is perfectly positioned to be your versatile marketing partner.

What can Essencia do for you?

All kinds of possibilities strung together by one red thread—building sector marketing!


  • Need to take a fresh look at product development?
  • Do you have a new product that you want to launch professionally?
  • Would you like to tap new markets?
  • Do you have insufficient time or know-how to create your own marketing plan?
  • Considering an overhaul of your marketing mix?
  • You don't need a full-time marketer, yet nothing ever seems to get accomplished?
  • Do you feel the time is ripe to professionalize your marketing?
  • Would you like to better distinguish yourself from your competitors?
  • You want an external expert to take a good, critical look at your marketing strategy?
What can Essencia do for you?

Added value from a sector specialist

As a specialist with many years of experience in the building sector and related segments, Essencia has developed a sixth sense when it comes to feeling out interesting marketing concepts. When setting up a powerful marketing plan, our market information and experience in the market are more than just handy! And, when it comes to elaborating the market approach in a concrete communication plan, our knowledge of the trade shows, magazines and other building-related initiatives also plays an important role in our proposal of the ideal marketing mix. As always, we can rely on an extensive contact network, both in the building-sector domains as well as in the marketing and communication domains.

Contact us, at no obligation, so together we can see what Essencia can do for you.


Added value as a project coordinator

Flexible and efficient, but, more than that, specialist work

Essencia works as a project coordinator in the areas of strategic and practical marketing advice. We act as the point of contact that speaks your (construction) language. Depending on what you need, we call in our experts, each and every one of them a wizard in his or her own field.

We have a network of independent consultants, each of whom specializes in his or her own specific marketing domain. And to all of that we add our own knowledge of and experience in the building sector. This ensures that we stand strong substantively, technically and creatively and that we can react quickly and creatively to the needs of the customer. This method also provides us with the flexibility needed to anticipate and capitalize on the continual changes within the marketing landscape.

We do not offer standard solutions. Instead we always work with a personalized approach based on your needs and budget. We are competitive because we do not have to keep an entire team working if that is not needed and because of our flat structure.

Contact us to have a conversation, at no obligation, so that we can evaluate together if the fit is right.